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Maid Name:
Lin Shwe Zin
Myanmar maid
Experience: Ex-Singapore maid
English: (Fair)
Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect: (Little)
Place Of Birth:
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Marital Status:
Number of Children:
Expected Salary

Employment Record

From To Country Employer Main Duties Remark
2013 2013 Singapore Chinese family 7 people in the family, she take care of grand father 87 years, she will bring grand father to exercise. She is second helper in the house, she worked with philippines helper
2013 2014 Singapore Indian family 6 people in the house, she take care of twin boys (3 years old) cooking and cleaning Lack sleep and lack food
2014 2018 Singapore Chinese family 4 people in the family, take care of child who is 1 years plus, cooking and cleaning 4 years
2019 2019 Singapore Chinese family Take care of new born twin (7 days just new born) 7 people in the family, cleaning.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 5 years  
Care of elderly  
Care of disabled  
General housework  

Maid Introduction

For Free Interview please call :

(Pls Whatsapp for call back with your requirements if lines are busy)

Orchard ,Far East Shopping :67330407 / 6734 8346 / 6733 8348
Gigi: 83810306
Ethel Tan: 82626914
Mheg : 84241816

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre :64630407 / 6467 6757 / 64645018
Sha: 82239481
Desmin Lim: 83009148

Lin Shwe Zin is married with 1 kid. Her religion is Buddhist. She has experience in Singapore for 3 employers.

2013-2013 (Chinese employer)-4 people in the family, she takes care of her grandfather (87 years old )cleaning .she is the second helper in the house. her maid duties are only to care of grandfather and bring grandfather to do exercises and give medicine.

Reason for Leaving -she can't get along with the philippine helper

second employer 2013-2014 -Indian employer house. They are 6 people in the family and she takes care of twin (3 years old boy) cooking and cleaning

Reason for leaving -lack sleep and lack eat

Third employer -2014-2018 -Chinese employer-4 people in the family,take care of 1 year plus cooking and cleaning.

Fourth employer 2019-2019 (Chinese employer )-7 people in the family and take care of newborn twins, she does all the house cleaning.she can do breastfeeding to the child.

She can cook all the Chinese food and Malay and some Indian food. She likes to take care of children and the elderly. She is a good learner and a good attitude person. She can speak English and basic Chinese.
she can do all the general housework like Vaccum the floor , Mop the floor, wash the clothes, iron the clothes , wash the sink...etc
she can cook like fried chicken, soup, porridge, pork rib soup , mee siam, mee rebus, mee Goreng, Nasi lemak, bee hom , fried noddle,
She is suitable for child and elderly care.
she can do interview via whatsapp video call
Maid Agency: 1st Allbest Human Resource Pte Ltd
(License No.: 11C3318)
Maid agency:
Address: 545 Orchard Road,
#04-07 & 04-15 , Far East Shopping Centre,
Singapore Singapore 409286
Tel: 67348346 / 67330407 /67338348
Email: Maid Agency Email 
Contact Person: Dean / Roy / Shini / Ethel / Mheg / Gigi
Handphone: 67348346 / 67330407 /67338348
Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 11am to 7pm
Sunday : 11am to 4pm

Last updated on 17-10-2020.
Maid Agency:
1st Allbest Human Resource Pte Ltd
Contact Person:
Dean / Roy / Shini / Ethel / Mheg / Gigi
67348346 / 67330407 /67338348
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