Successful Stories

Remrose has been a great helper and not only done her job well but been a keen learner. She has learnt how to cook very well. Besides doing a good job for the usual tasks, she goes out her way to do things better and is very detail oriented (for example, I like to tell my friends that she cleans better than any helper I have come across, even better than I would clean my own house!). She also mixed well with the elder members of my family when they came to visit. I have been able to trust her even though she has only been with us for six months- she keeps the house very properly when we are travelling. But most of all, we like her attitude towards work very much- she is always happy and likes to sing while she works- this makes the atmosphere at home very pleasant when we come back after a long day's work.
Thanks to all best agency for pre screening and providing the maid which fitted our needs. Sheryl has displayed positive attitude and handles all the tasks in a diligent manner. Sheryl has eagerness to learn more and she has mastered good Indian style cooking in a short span of time. Sheryl is caring towards our kid and ensures that the kid is comfortable with her. Sheryl is also able to do multitasking and we rely on her for all the domestic tasks and needs. She also follows the instructions diligently and has strong ethical values.
Hello Mr. Deen,

My wife was two months pregnant with our second child and finding it very difficult to take care of her health and do the daily chores at home. It was then that we decided to employ a helper at home, though a little apprehensive initially. But Liza (Noveliza Annang) cleared them all and proved to be immensely helpful for us for the past 10 months. We found her very honest, hardworking and pleasant. We were surprised when our elder son, who was just two years old, found his 'best friend' in her, in the first 2 days of her job. She takes good care of my two kids and is very consistent in her housekeeping chores. She is a fast learner in cooking, too. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to her for the help she had rendered all along.

My maid Analyn Albert joined me in September ..She has adapted to our family very fast..she cooks very good food for us. She takes the intiayive to try and make new cuisines for us. She also looks after my 2 year old son very well..She plays all kinds of games with him and keeps him occupied.She is very neat clean and organized.. It's a pleasure to wake up in the morning and see The house so neat ..She obeys instructions and is not argumentative.He is definitely an asset to her family .We value her and her work immensely..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allbest Maid Agency to get us a helper like Analyn..

Seema Madnani
Renalyn has started her employment with me since aug just before i gave birth to my baby girl. She is a very hardworking girl who offered to stay up late to help out with unfinished chores even when we asked her to rest. With no experience handling newborn babies, renalyn gave her best to take good care of my baby jiayi and even volunteered to do night feedings.
Under her love and care, jiayi is now a chubby cute baby. Renalyn is also flexible as she does not mind following the kids to my in law place as well as to my mother's place. I am happy that she did not abuse our kindness and still work diligently for us.
I pray she will get the first prize as she totally deserved the reward.

Lorna adapted very quickly to our vegetarian household. She was eager to learn cooking and can now dish out yummy food by simply following the recipes. She also takes initiative in cooking other food.Lorna also made friends with my son and over time won my daughter and I feel comfortable leaving them in her care. Lorna is also a friendly and trustworthy lady.

Rosemarie has been working with us from last 7 months and we are very pleased with her work.

1. She does her work very sincerely and maintain high level of cleanliness
2. From the start she is taking care of our new born baby and makes our child very comfortable.
3. She has learnt cooking very fast and can cook Indian food as per our taste
4. She always remains presentable and is good in communication and etiquettes.

Amit Jasoria
We really appreciate what Gemmalyn has done for my family especially for my little son. She is the best nanny and teacher ever.
She learned how to cook Chinese food as my mother's flavor and we love her cooking as well.
My dearest Gemmalyn stay with my family for almost 8 months' time. She is not only my domestic helper she is one of my family members also. We have fun time together and also unhappy period however for the last 8 months between her and my family we knew each other understood each other.

Qin Hua
I am very thankful to God for Merlyn Dalit Busania. She is hardworking, responsible and willing to learn. Besides making sure the house is clean, I am very glad that she is able to look after my baby very well since her birth. Merlyn is also very honest and I can trust her. She is also very alert and is able to inform me quickly if baby is unwell. My baby is happy to have her as a caregiver as she often giggles when Merlyn plays with her. Being a working mother, I have the peace of mind at work because I know my baby is in good hands. If circumstance allows, I would like to renew her contract to continue as my foreign domestic worker.
I have employed Rizza since June 2012, she has been very independent in her work and always trying her best to bond with my 3 kiddios. I do not need to plan any timetable for her and she knows her task very well without me reminding her.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big "Thank you" to her as without her help at home, i couldn't focus on my job well.
Keep up the good job Rizza!

Angeline Teo
Heidi has been working for me since 13 Oct 2008 (4+ years already) and she has been an absolute great helper and companion to my family and me. When she joined in Oct 2008, it was primarily to look after my elderly parents (75 years old and 82 years old) and our dog and me. I am single and have to go to work. My mum was very sick at that time and had to undergo dialysis 3x per week. My mum was very weak and bedridden and so had to wear diapers all the time. Heide helped cleaned my mum; turned her and massaged her arms and legs tirelessly a few times per day. Heide helped transfer my Mum from bed to wheelchair for dialysis and hospital treatment; and accompanied my Mum throughout the dialysis period tending to her needs. Mu mum loved Heide a lot. Even though my Mum passed away shortly after, at least she had been very well taken care of during her last days. My family was very greatful to Heide for taking good care of my mum.

Heide provided continuing great care and companionship to my Father and Maltese dog (Lucky) and me. My Father loves Heide's cooking and she does cook great Chinese food. Heide is very patient and obedient and follows instructions well. She picked up enough Cantonese and sign language to 'communicate' with my Father who could only speak Cantonese.

My father passed away in Nov 2011. Heide also looked after him very well during his last 2 weeks in hospital; taking turns to roster with me to accompany him by his bedside even throughout the night. She cried like any other family member at my Father's passing.

Lucky, being a Maltese, must stick with people and is fearful of being left alone. So we have never left Lucky alone at home for more than 30 mins. Heide tends to Lucky's every need including walking him and grooming.. and everyone we meet always admires his haircut !

I've continued to keep Heide in my employ to look after Lucky and myself and have just renewed her contract for another 2 years. I am very pleased with her service and consider myself very lucky to have a good maid. She has been a honest, well trusted and true companion to me and we have been more like friends than employer-employee relationship.

Miss Cheong Lai Pek (Jessie)
Employer of Heide Bogar Olea